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Brennan, Manna & Diamond
Practice Areas

Tax, Estate & Asset Protection

Brennan, Manna & Diamond’s attorneys have a deep understanding of the practical implications of tax issues to our clients. We provide tax advice to people and entities ranging from high-wealth individuals and start-up businesses to major regional or national corporations and nonprofit entities. Brennan, Manna & Diamond’s tax lawyers also represent taxpayers of all kinds in federal and state tax audits and controversies.

Asset Protection
Brennan, Manna & Diamond prides itself on being on the cutting edge of innovative strategies to ensure that our clients’ finances, businesses and other assets remain theirs. We make our clients aware of how to best protect their assets, at both the business and personal levels, including techniques such as family limited partnerships, limited-liability companies, equity stripping, domestic asset-protection trusts and foreign trusts.

Estate Planning
Brennan, Manna & Diamond trusts and estates group is experienced in personal financial and business planning; gift, estate and personal income-tax planning; planning for charitable giving; and the administration of trusts and decedents’ estates. We have extensive experience in assisting clients with estate planning and related tax issues, and the administration of large estates and trusts.

When necessary, our tax, estate-planning and asset-protection attorneys work closely with our litigators in prosecuting or defending our clients’ positions in court.

Practicing Attorneys
Alessandro A. Apolito
K. Mac Bracewell, Jr.
Richard W. Burke
Donna M. Flammang
John D. Gast
Priscilla A. Grant
Frank A. Lettieri
Michael P. Morley
Adrian C. Ribovich
David M. Scott
Frank T. Sossi
Michael A. Steel
Cody L. Westmoreland

Disclaimer | Brennan, Manna & Diamond practices in the following jurisdictions: Florida and Ohio.