Meet Matt Heinle!

Known as one of the firm’s “Original Seven”, a loyal and true Ohio State Buckeye fan, someone who loves to ski (fast and steep) and likes to travel - instead of golfing, an avid history buff, and a loving husband and father of 3 teenage girls, meet Matt Heinle, President of BMD. 

When the firm opened its doors on July 1, 2000, it was a watershed moment in Matt’s career.  To know Matt, you immediately discern he is not someone who makes a hasty, uncalculated decision.  On the contrary, each decision from “Day One” to today has been for the benefit and success of the firm and his clients.  In Cleveland parlance, “He’s all in”!  As Matt will tell you, the joy and satisfaction of being an attorney is about the “the success of my clients”.   Matts’ entire career is a case in point. 

He has spent the last 19 years refining his niche serving as General Counsel to many of his clients who are primarily business owners and executives.  He “loves” being involved in strategic planning, managing large litigation and handling all types of transactional matters.  He is currently working on opening a state-of-the-art hospital after creating a 4-way partnership in Northeast Ohio (Beachwood).  He is licensed in both Ohio and Colorado.   

While there have been many interesting cases he has worked on over his career, if you ask him to pick one, he points to his recent representation of Dr. Yogen and the battle against an unscrupulous business partner.  The case had so many twists and turns but with his client’s reputation in the balance, Matt and his team were undaunted and determined to fight.  With Matt leading the charge, he and his team successfully prevailed and won back Dr. Yogen’s company and his life’s work.  Once again, “He was all in.” 

Much like his commitment to the firm and his clients, Matt believes in giving back to the local community.  He has served on many charitable organization boards and currently serves as a Board Director for the Conservancy of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. 

We asked Matt who has been the biggest influence on your legal career and why.  His answer:

“Jack T. Diamond, CEO of BMD.  He showed me how to put myself in my client’s shoes and how their success equals your success.”

To learn more, contact Matt:

Matthew A. Heinle, Esq.

P:  330.253.1832

F:  330.253.1842