Meet Tracy Albanese!

QUESTION: What does Indiana Jones and Tracy Albanese have in common?  Give up?  The love of archaeology – an innate curiosity for stuff buried in the ground!   Tracy received her undergraduate degree in Anthropology from Youngstown State University, her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Guilford State College and her masters in Anthropology from the University of Montana.  She earned her law degree from Loyola University New Orleans. 

Tracy’s practice focuses on federal, state and local tax return preparation, IRS audits, appearances before the U.S. Tax Court, and research and tax opinions for individuals, businesses and not-for-profit organizations.  She is also part of the BMD Gateway team, which is an attorney-branded online learning management and repository system.  BMD Gateway features the BMD Tax Hotline – a tax consultation and preparation tool for clients to offer to their employees.

Love of archaeology and tax attorney?  If you think about it, it makes perfect sense.  Just like scraping away thin layers of soil from bones, Tracy uses these same methods to prepare tax returns.  Where the archaeologist’s best tool in the toolbox is a trowel, the best tool in the toolbox to prepare tax returns is understanding complex federal, state(s) and local tax laws.  Analyzing the facts found, recovering lost deductions, discovering new alternatives and preserving the underlying assets is just a sampling of the process to prepare comprehensive tax documents and mitigate potential legal tax matters. 

Tracy is licensed to practice law in three different states – Ohio, Louisiana and North Carolina.  Not only is she licensed in each state, she sat for the bar exams as well!  During tax season, she offers her time and knowledge as a volunteer tax advisor for VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) which offers free tax preparation sponsored by The United Way.  Over the past eight years, Tracy has also volunteered her time to help The Legal Aid Society of Akron. 

We asked Tracy, what do you enjoy most about your job.  Her answer:

“I love helping people.  I especially love helping people save money.”  

To learn more, contact:

Tracy Albanese, Esq.

P:  330.253.9195

F:  330.253.9121