Finance Law

Financial institutions today are working harder than ever before to adjust to new regulations while restoring the health of the industry and driving sustainable growth.  However, sector-wide issues – from heightened public scrutiny to ever-changing and dynamic market conditions – are making it more challenging to achieve organizational goals and realize new objectives. 

Although we are undergoing significant change in the industry, there are still opportunities to strengthen performance, improve competitiveness, and drive profitability.  Today’s modern financial transactions often involve multiple layers of complex legal, business and relationship issues.

The strength of the BMD’s representation stems from our attorneys' extensive experience handling complex deals on a regular basis.  We represent major national banks as well as small local banks in the various financing transactions. This experience enables our team to provide efficient, cost-effective insight into the terms and structures our clients can and should seek for their major financing. BMD’s clients can be ensured they get the best possible deal, both financially and in terms of business flexibility.

Our attorneys are familiar with a broad range of transaction types representing borrowers, banks, underwriters and other parties in a wide variety of financing structures.  We serve as borrower’s counsel, bond counsel and bank counsel.

As Borrower’s Counsel, we advise the borrower concerning the negotiation and structuring of transactions, review all documentation, and perform due diligence and post-closing compliance. BMD has successfully represented for profit and not-for-profit Borrower’s on bond issuance across the United States, totaling more than $500,000,000.00.

As Bond Counsel, BMD provides innovative financing solutions ensuring that the issuer and/or borrower of the appreciable debt achieves the best possible structure, while making certain that each transaction complies with all state and federal laws.

BMD provides a balanced, pragmatic approach to achieving our clients' business and financial objectives.


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