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BMD’s Jason Butterworth Quietly Engineers Some of Akron’s Most Impactful Projects

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Jason Butterworth, a team member of BMD’s Business & Corporate practice, focuses his practice on finance, real estate, and tax credit law. 

Few people are aware that over the last six years, Jason has been working to ensure that several of the most impactful projects in the greater Akron-Canton region have been realized. Sometimes directing from behind the scenes and occasionally right out in front – Jason has helped shape the complicated, interesting, politically-charged and emotional backstories of several significant projects you may have seen in the news. 

These projects include the revitalization of The Shorb Neighborhood in Canton and the I Promise Housing initiative, along with East Akron Neighborhood Development Corporation (EANDC). 

A major spotlight is on Akron right now and Jason has been an integral part of the process for the past four years. Serving as a community liaison and Akron concierge, if you will, Jason has facilitated communications, connections and partnership between city, county and state governments, the University of Akron and California company, LTA Research and Exploration. The conversation: gain approval from the Development Finance Authority of Summit County to sublease the airdock, a world-class facility unlike any other, from Lockheed Martin. The goal: build full-size airships in Akron again – electric-powered, zero emission ships designed by the U of A’s engineering department.

There were many complex layers to this project, not to mention the nostalgia, history and identity of Akron wrapped up in concept of airships. Jason negotiated the deal to access and eventually acquire the Airdock, and also helped to validate and promote the project as an important investment for Akron. An advocate for Akron, he has helped convince LTA, with its initial operations located in San Francisco, that Akron was the best place to be. And now, this project is coming to fruition in 2023. Last Thursday, LTA unveiled its work on the Pathfinder, the largest airship build in the US since 1932.

The BMD Business Family is honored to call Jason a Member of the firm and is proud of how he has served as an advocate and champion of several noteworthy economic developments for our region.

Read more about this projects in these Akron Beacon Journal articles. Please note that these may require a subscription to view.

See the opinion piece published in the Akron Beacon Journal last year by Gary L. Miller, President of the University of Akron, and Daniel Horrigan, Mayor of Akron regarding the excitement and opportunity around bringing Airdocks back to Akron.

And now, this project is coming to fruition in 2023. Last Thursday, LTA unveiled its work on the Pathfinder, the largest airship build in the US since 1932.

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