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Daphne Kackloudis Weighs in on Ohio's Issue 2

What is Ohio's Issue 2?

Across political lines, Americans in poll after poll say prescription drugs cost too much, and stories abound about patients cutting pills in half or making the difficult choice between their medications and putting food on the table.

But while people may agree on the problem, what to do about it has thrust Ohioans in the middle of a big-dollar battleground pitting big pharma against a group that says it has a plan to lower prescription drug prices.

The two sides are already going head-to-head in media ads that will continue over the next month, creating a confusing picture for voters to follow.

And there’s not much time to sort through the proposal. The election is Nov. 7 and early voting begins Oct. 11.

BMD's health law attorney, Daphne Kackloudis addressed the one of concerns of Ohio's Issue 2:

“It’s concerning that the named sponsors can essentially have a blank check from the taxpayers to pay their legal fees if engaged in a lawsuit, which is not unlikely because the initiative itself is unimplementable,” said Daphne Kackloudis, chief public policy and government affairs officer for Equitas, formerly the AIDS Resource Center of Ohio. “And especially when we consider the litigious nature of AHF nationwide.”

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