Licensure, Accreditation and Certification of Facilities


BMD prides itself as being one of only a few law firms in the nation that have helped build new hospitals, ASCs and other healthcare facilities from the ground up. Our firm has experience in opening new facilities, obtaining CONs (certificates of need), enrolling providers in Medicare, Medicaid, and other programs, and obtaining relevant licenses and accreditation. 

We have assisted numerous healthcare facilities, including but not limited to hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, hospices, ASCs, home health agencies, DME and HME providers, and distributors, in becoming licensed, credentialed, accredited, and negotiating favorable managed care contracts. In addition, we regularly assist our clients in  challenging reviews and revocation of accreditation and licensure by CMS, the Joint Commission, state Medicaid programs, Departments of Health, state agencies and other healthcare accreditation and oversight agencies. To mitigate and avoid damages in these matters, we provide services such as preparing staff members for interviews and hearings, coordinating responses, preparing and filing appeals, and interfacing with government and healthcare oversight agencies to favorably resolve these issues for our clients.

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