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Jeffrey C. Miller discusses "Guns and Drugs in the Workplace" at Legal Education event Feb. 20, 2020

News Article

As part of The Builders Exchange of East Central Ohio's legal education seminar series, Attorney Jeff Miller will be discussing guns and drugs in the workplace.  

Both are legal in Ohio, but what about the workplace?  Jeff will discuss concealed carry and medical marijuana in the workplace, and employer options for addressing these emerging issues.  In today's tight labor market, the correct policies and procedures on guns and drugs are crucial.

The event is being held on February 20, 2020 at The Builder's Exchange Training Center (5377 Lauby Road, Suite 202, North Canton).

The Builders Exchange of East Central Ohio (BX) is a full-service trade association serving the commercial construction industry.  They are a valuable liaison between project owners and plan issuers and the construction companies, which compete to build or renovate commercial properties.  BX serves construction affiliates of all size and offers a wide range of services.