Corporate Structure, Governance, and Health Care Transactions

BMD regularly advises clients on the establishment of new legal entities, subsidiaries, and affiliates. We provide guidance on choice of corporate form, organizational document issues, buy-sell agreements, etc. Our attorneys also have extensive experience with federal and state tax issues for both tax-exempt and for-profit entities.

We also regularly assist our clients with corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, and other transactions. Other examples of how BMD assists its clients on health care transactional matters below.

Areas of service include:  

  • Represent lenders and health care entities and practices in connection with their various financing needs
  • Assist clients to help raise private funds and formalize such capital raises via private placement memoranda
  • Represent health care entities in connection with their respective commercial real estate needs

In addition, we counsel our clients on governance best practices and regularly provide advice to clients’ board of directors.

Case Study: In addition to assisting health care entities in the corporate reorganization of their practices (i.e. the sale, purchase, joint venture or merger of practices), an example of the ways in which BMD adds material value to its clients is by assisting to structure and plan complex transactions such as working with an early-adopter health care practice to purchase and finance cutting edge diagnostic equipment to remain on the forefront of patient treatment and care. BMD has helped to negotiate and finalize financing for multi-million dollar pieces of equipment, negotiate the terms of purchase with innovative manufacturers of health care equipment, coordinate existing debt with new proposed debt for purposes of financing the new equipment, and analyze and coordinate other complex and complicated issues relating to debt structure, operational and commercial real estate issues and corporate reorganization needs.

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