Independent Title IX Services

Brennan Manna & Diamond’s Title IX team provides independent investigator, advisor, and hearing decision maker services to educational institutions. Our team members are all licensed, experienced attorneys, trained in Title IX services. We understand the importance and sensitive nature of complaints of discrimination or harassment under Title IX, for both the institution and the parties involved. We work with Title IX Coordinators and administrators to provide professional, impartial and thorough treatment of complaints in compliance with Title IX Regulations and the institution’s own policies.

As investigators, we conduct prompt, detailed, and neutral interviews and fact-finding. We treat all parties and witnesses with respect, empathy and impartiality. As attorneys, we also understand the need to systematically document all evidence and to clearly and concisely prepare reports of our findings.

As hearing decision makers, we understand the importance of providing a fair and independent review of the evidence and of affording both parties due process of law. We have the capacity to conduct hearings in person or virtually.

We are also available to serve in the role of advisor to the complainant or respondent in Title IX proceedings. Our team has extensive courtroom and hearing experience in conducting direct and cross-examination of witnesses.

Our Title IX team is led by Partner, Matt Duncan, and is able to geographically or virtually cover any investigation in the State of Ohio or neighboring states. For more information about the services we provide, please contact one of our Title IX team members.

Matthew R. Duncan



Title IX Team  Leader, Investigator, Decision Maker, Advisor

Bryan Meek



Investigator, Decision Maker, Advisor

Krista D. Warren



Investigator, Advisor