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Monkey Pox in the Workplace + Changes to COVID...And, the New ELAH Mini-series on Hiring Has Launched


Over the last few weeks, we have witnessed unexpected growth in MonkeyPox cases across America. Clients are beginning to request information on how to develop policies for MonkeyPox and what to do when an employee is suspected or is diagnosed with MonkeyPox.

We believe that these cases will continue to grow, and the absence period, if diagnosed, is significantly longer than COVID. Therefore, clients will need to be prepared to address these lengthy absences. Today, Employment Law After Hours released a new episode covering MonkeyPox and answering many of the questions we are receiving from employers. Watch the episode below.

Now on to COVID. Yesterday, the CDC amended the rules for COVID exposure quarantine. Now, regardless of vaccination status, an employee will not need to quarantine simply because they were exposed to COVID. However, they will need to stay at home if they are diagnosed with COVID. For those exposed, it is recommended that they wear a mask for 10 days to help prevent spread to others and get tested on day 5 following exposure. We will have a future episode on this issue, but I wanted to get this information to you as soon as possible.

Finally, over the last few weeks, Employment Law After Hours released a mini-series on the hiring process. These episodes will be very helpful for new companies and existing small employers. Watch these episodes below.

1 - How to Hire: A Comprehensive Guide

2 - Ten Red Flags When Interviewing

As always, please let us know if you have any follow-up questions regarding the information presented in these ELAH episodes. Contact BMD Partner Bryan Meek at or Attorney Monica Andress at

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