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WEBINAR SERIES | Employment & Labor

Live Webinar Nov 15, 2023 12:00PM-12:30PM

Join BMD Partner and Co-Chair of the Employment & Labor Law Group, Bryan Meek, in this four-part webinar series.

The New Pregnant Employee Protections in the Workplace

November 15, 2023 | 12:00pm - 12:30pm ET

Speaker: Bryan Meek

This year, the United States witnessed the biggest changes to pregnant employee discrimination protections since the adoption of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978. As a result, pregnant employees and those that are breastfeeding have more significant protections in the workplace than ever before. Get to know the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act and the Pump Act, as well as how to engage with pregnant employees when seeking accommodations.

The Future of Non-Compete Enforcement and Methods for Employer Protection

Speakers: Bryan Meek and Amanda Waesch

Watch the October 11, 2023 recording below.

Non-compete agreements are becoming heavily restricted, and proposed regulations from the federal government further threaten their existence as a tool for employers to protect trade secrets, customer bases, and exclusivity. Learn about the restrictive changes coming for non-competes, how employers can prepare, and other tools that are available to employers to protect business interests.

Employee Misclassification and Discrimination in the Workplace

Speaker: Bryan Meek

Watch the October 25, 2023 recording below.

Terminated employees are increasingly filing for discrimination investigations at state and federal level discrimination agencies. These filings range from gender and race-based discrimination to improper coordination of the interactive process under the Americans with Disabilities Act. In addition, employees are now banding together to bring filings challenging their exemption classifications or classifications as contractors, which lead to class action lawsuits against companies. We discuss the increase in discrimination and wage & hour filings, what employers can do to protect themselves, and what employers should do when they become subject to discrimination and harassment investigations.

Employee Marijuana Use in the Era of Legality

Speakers: Bryan Meek and Ashley Watson

Watch the November 8, 2023 recording below.

Marijuana legalization is taking the country by storm with new states legalizing recreational or medical use of marijuana each year.  Are employers required to allow use of marijuana as a recreational drug outside of work hours? Can employees still be fired if they test positive for marijuana use? Do employers have to allow their employees to use marijuana as prescribed for the treatment of an ailment or disability? Are there added limitations for healthcare workers when it comes to the use of marijuana? Find out the answers to all of your questions regarding the use of marijuana in the workplace.