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Brennan, Manna & Diamond
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Construction Law

The Brennan, Manna & Diamond Construction Group finds practical solutions to legal problems. We use a comprehensive and systematic approach to delivering high-quality legal services affordably to developers, owners, contractors, construction managers and design professionals engaged in all aspects of construction.  We assist clients in all phases of the construction project, from land acquisition, zoning, financing, design, contract documents, construction administration and management, to claims avoidance, prosecution and resolution.  Our services include assistance with insurance claims and coverage issues that drive the resolution of many construction disputes. Lawyers from the Brennan, Manna & Diamond Construction Group handle “cutting edge” issues in the construction industry including sustainable “green” building projects and alternative project delivery methods such as Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).  The Brennan, Manna & Diamond Construction Group works collaboratively with our clients to anticipate and avoid problems before they occur rather than merely responding to claims after they arise.  When claims do arise, the Brennan, Manna & Diamond Construction Group aggressively but efficiently represents clients in complex matters before state and federal courts, administrative agencies, mediators and arbitration panels.

The Brennan, Manna & Diamond Construction Group is “pro-business” and understands the need to control legal costs, particularly in today’s economic climate.  The Brennan, Manna & Diamond Construction Group helps clients limit expenses while maintaining quality representation.  For effective case management, the Brennan, Manna & Diamond Construction Group  uses a Litigation Plan and Budget in complex cases to track litigation costs,  including attorney fees and expert witness expenses.

The Litigation Budget provides clients with a way to anticipate their legal expenses so that they can make informed decisions.  The Brennan, Manna & Diamond Construction Group recognizes the importance of avoiding surprises to the extent possible and allows our clients to control the level of investment it makes in connection with the resolution of the construction dispute.  Using our experience, we are able to “cut to the chase” and resolve disputes and gain leverage without getting lost in the maze of documents and side issues often present in construction disputes.

Practicing Attorneys
Justin M. Alaburda
Alessandro A. Apolito
Patricia A. Geraghty
Robert A. Hager
Matthew T. Jackson
Darren C. Jones
Catherine A. McCain
Alex J. McCallion
Martin J. Pangrace
Chad Rothschild
Daniel J. Rudary
Cody L. Westmoreland
Erin R. Whitmore

Disclaimer | Brennan, Manna & Diamond practices in the following jurisdictions: Florida and Ohio.