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Brennan, Manna & Diamond
Practice Areas


Brennan, Manna & Diamond’s team of business trial attorneys is able to handle the litigation needs of our clients at fees that are significantly lower than traditional large law firms. We also regularly serve as strategic partners to law firms that do not have a litigation presence in our markets. Working with our transactional attorneys, our Litigation Team also provides research, insight and transactional support to our business clients to provide competitive advantages and reduce legal expenses.

In addition to representation in arbitration hearings and administrative forums, our lawyers handle commercial and business disputes in state and federal courts. Although we are experienced and successful in taking complex litigation through trial, we also position our clients, when appropriate, to resolve disputes through negotiations without the risk and expense of a trial. We recognize that the successful resolution of legal disputes comes from leverage. From the moment you entrust us with a matter, our goal is to devise and implement a strategy to maximize your leverage. Our track record of aggressive, detail-oriented trial preparation helps to create and enhance that leverage.

Primary Areas of Litigation

  • Administrative and public law
  • Business disputes
  • Construction
  • Contracts
  • Eminent domain
  • Intellectual property
  • Labor and employment
  • Negligence, product liability and other torts
  • Professional liability
  • Real estate

Practicing Attorneys
Justin M. Alaburda
Alessandro A. Apolito
Elizabeth Shively Boatwright
Jason A. Butterworth
John N. Childs
Christopher B. Congeni
Donald W. Davis, Jr.
Duriya Dhinojwala
Adam D. Fuller
Patricia A. Geraghty
Robert A. Hager
Matthew T. Jackson
Darren C. Jones
Joshua R. La Bouef
Catherine A. McCain
Alex J. McCallion
Christopher J. Meager
Bryan Meek
Jeffrey C. Miller
Martín Nestares
Martin J. Pangrace
Chad Rothschild
Daniel J. Rudary
Scott P. Sandrock
David M. Scott
Victoria L. Serrani
Jeana M. Singleton
Michael A. Steel
Kevin C. Susman
Amanda L. Waesch
Cody L. Westmoreland
Erin R. Whitmore

Disclaimer | Brennan, Manna & Diamond practices in the following jurisdictions: Florida and Ohio.