Estate, Tax & Wealth Planning

Recognizing that estate, tax and wealth planning go hand in hand, BMD offers a team of attorneys experienced in personal finance, business planning and tax compliance and preparation. BMD prides itself on being on the cutting edge of innovative strategies to ensure that our client's finances, businesses and other assets remain theirs - protecting our clients now and in the future.


BMD's experienced tax attorneys provide tax advice and compliance to people and entities ranging from high-wealth individuals and start-up businesses to major regional or national corporations and nonprofit entities. Our representation includes federal and state tax audits and controversies, and compliance matters and issues. We handle proceedings and negotiations before and with the Internal Revenue Service and the United States Department of Labor. The BMD Tax team counsels business clients on mergers and acquisitions from both a corporate and tax perspective.

Under ERISA, there are significant tax implications to the structure and implementation of employee benefits and executive compensation. As such, BMD has extensive experience:

  1. Designing, amending and restating pension, profit sharing, 401(k) and other qualified retirement plans
  2. Establishing non-qualified deferred compensation arrangements and resolving issues arising from 409A of the Internal Revenue Code and non-deferred compensation arrangements
  3. Conducting controlled group analysis

Asset Protection and Estate Planning

By offering creative strategies and solutions, we make our clients aware of how to best protect their assets - at both the business and personal level. Whether it is through techniques such as family limited partnerships, limited-liability companies, equity stripping or domestic asset-protection trusts and foreign trusts, BMD's attorneys understand the complexity of ensuring maximum protection available to our clients under the law. 

Whether our client's estate planning needs are relatively simple or extremely complex, we create a plan that is customized to each client's goals. Ultimately, protecting wealth, avoiding probate, and planning for the unknown offers peace of mind that an individual's affairs are in order. With guidance from our experienced personal financial and business planning counselors, we can help you get there.

  1. Gift, estate and personal income-tax planning
  2. Planning for charitable giving
  3. The administration of trusts and decedents’ estates
  4. Assistance with estate planning and related tax issues
  5. Administration of large estates and trusts

When necessary, our estate, tax and wealth planning attorneys work closely with our litigators in prosecuting or defending our clients’ positions in court.

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