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Brennan, Manna & Diamond
Practice Areas

Business and Corporate Law

Brennan, Manna & Diamond advises clients in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Business purchases
  • Entity formation, organization and restructuring
  • Financings of established and emerging businesses
  • Investments by venture capitalists and others
  • Joint-venture and other syndicated transactions

We can help you determine the most appropriate type of business entity to use in and for your enterprise. We also can aid in insulating the owners of the enterprise from liabilities while ensuring compliance with numerous legal requirements. In addition, our firm can assist in negotiating the best deal for you in transactions with other businesses while also efficiently and thoroughly preparing documentation to memorialize the deal. Our goal is to provide practical, timely and objective advice to our clients based on their diverse business needs.

We also have extensive experience in issues involving taxes, liability, control and other factors involved in forming an enterprise. We are experienced in working with many different forms of business corporations, joint-ventures, real estate investment trusts, limited liability companies and nonprofit organizations.

Although some clients consult with our firm on specific matters, many employ us as regular outside general counsel to provide input on important daily company issues, including guidance on corporate formalities, proposed transaction structures, employment matters and dispute resolution.

Practicing Attorneys
Justin M. Alaburda
Elizabeth Shively Boatwright
Andrew C. Bolender
K. Mac Bracewell, Jr.
Richard W. Burke
Jason A. Butterworth
Christopher B. Congeni
Angela Codougan
Donald W. Davis, Jr.
Scott W. Duval
Donna M. Flammang
Adam D. Fuller
John D. Gast
Patricia A. Geraghty
Priscilla A. Grant
Robert A. Hager
Matthew A. Heinle
Darren C. Jones
Joshua R. La Bouef
Ellesha M. LeCluyse
Frank A. Lettieri
Anthony S. Manna
John F. Martin
Alex J. McCallion
Christopher J. Meager
Bryan Meek
Jeffrey C. Miller
Michael P. Morley
Martín Nestares
Martin J. Pangrace
Adrian C. Ribovich
Chad Rothschild

Scott P. Sandrock
Daphne K. Saneholtz
David M. Scott
Victoria L. Serrani
Jeana M. Singleton

Michael A. Steel
Amanda L. Waesch
Lee S. Walko
Christopher Walker
Cody L. Westmoreland
Erin R. Whitmore

Disclaimer | Brennan, Manna & Diamond practices in the following jurisdictions: Florida and Ohio.